Guided Surgery 1
(Fundamental Course)

2020 Course

Dr. Pedro Trejo


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Course Description

This course is designed to provide participants with the necessary information and knowledge to successfully integrate guided implant planning and surgery into their practices. It will provide an in-depth introduction to the required skills needed to perform an accurate implant placement using the Nobel Biocare DTX studio implant software.


Participants should be able to implement the course information, and the current available technologies, to perform guided surgery in their practices, if desired.

Lecture and Instruction0%
Hands-on Component0%


8 Lecture hours (per session)

4 Participation hours (per session)

Advantages of this Course:

  • Each participant will be provided with a computer with the DTX implant software to diagnose, plan, and create stereolithographic guides for straightforward implants using the DTX studio implant software.
  • Limited to only 10 participants. Interactive learning between all practitioners and instructors with questions and discussions of different cases.
  • All participants will have individualized attention. Each participant will learn to apply the necessary steps to plan, and create STL guides for accurately placing dental implants.


8:00am-8:30am……….Check-in and Breakfast

Guided Surgery

10 Years of 3-Dimensional Imaging and Guided Surgery for Dental Implants. Where are we now? | May 22nd, 2020

The Fundamental Course, Guided Surgery 1, features lectures and hands-on exercises. Participants will learn and understand the following basic principles:

  • Differentiate between straight-forward cases and more complex ones.
  • Learn the diagnostic advantages of CBCT in combination with the DTX studio implant software. Necessary anatomy to consider when performing guided surgery.
  • Recognize the indications for computer-guided implant surgery, and the contraindications.
  • “Virtually” place implants and get familiarize with the DTX studio implant software
  • Learn how to integrate, “fuse”, models and prosthetic wax-ups with CBCT dicom data sets.
  • Order CBCT derived stereolithographic guides for edentulous and partially edentulous cases.
  • Learn to implement the clinical steps required to execute precise implant placement using stereolithographic guides. NobelGuide workflow.

Hands-On Exercises

  1. In-depth use of the DTX studio implant software, each participant will perform and create STL guides ready for printing of two “virtual surgeries”, an edentulous and a partially edentulous case.
  2. Guided dental implant placements using stereolithographic guides on models.
  3. CT scan and Intraoral scanner demonstrations.


CBCT and Intraoral scanners

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Pedro Trejo, DDS, MS

Dr. Pedro Trejo is a dual specialist in Prosthodontics and Periodontics. He received his Certificate in Prosthodontics from the University of Maryland at Baltimore, and his Certificate and Master Degree in Periodontics from The University of Texas School of Dentistry in Houston, Texas. He has treated numerous cases involving virtual/guided implant surgeries and published on the subject. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and holds a Clinical Associate Professor position in the Department of Periodontology at The University of Texas School of Dentistry in Houston. Dr. Trejo has extensive experience in both clinical and instructional implant surgical and restorative dentistry. Since 1995, he has maintained a private practice limited to Periodontics and Prosthodontics in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Trejo has extensive experience in both clinical and instructional implant, surgical, and restorative dentistry. He maintains a private practice limited to periodontics and prosthodontics in Houston.

For more information about Dr. Trejo or Dr. Marino, visit dentalimplantsathouston.com.
Dr. Pedro Trejo DDS MS | Guided Implant Surgery | Implant Dentistry Study Club of Houston


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