Guided Surgery 1 (Fundamental Course)


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Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Why are we here?
    • What constitutes a well-placed dental implant? Posterior vs anterior implant positions.
    • STL guides accuracy
  • CBCT and Intraoral scanners
    • Radiographic guide fabrication –
      • CBCT basics
      • Criteria for ideal radiographic guide/radiographic index
        • Fully and partially edentulous, maxilla and mandible
      • NobelGuide dual-scan technique for edentulous patients
      • Calibration object
      • SmartFusion™ technology for treatment planning partially edentulous patients
    • Indications for CT guided planning and surgery Advantages for patients and your practice
  • Patient selection and evaluation
    • Fully edentulous
    • Partially edentulous
  • DTX Studio Implant treatment planning (fully and partially edentulous)
    • Opening software/patient registration
    • Creating DICOM images (CBCT)
    • DICOM image import/Conversion of images
    • Orientation of images
    • Drawing inferior alveolar nerve
    • Identifying tooth roots
    • Treatment planning implant placement and stabilization pins
  • Guided surgery. The Nobel Guide work flow process.
    • NobelGuide STL guide seating/adjustment
    • Sterilization
    • Surgical index
    • Implant specific instrumentation/tooling
    • Abutment choices
  • NobelConnect® – interdisciplinary communications
  • Practice management/Case acceptance/Practice growth