Guided Surgery 2 (Advanced Course)


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  • Introduction
    • Why are we here? Advantages for your patient and your practice.
    • What constitutes a well-placed dental implant?
    • Posterior vs anterior implant positions Advantages, review.
    • STL guides accuracy
  • CBCT and Intraoral scanners
    • CBCT and intraoral scanners
    • To print or not to print
    • NobelGuide dual-scan technique for edentulous patients
    • SmartFusion™ technology for treatment planning partially edentulous patients
  • Surgically STL-guided implant placement in the Aesthetic Zone
    • Immediate implants
    • Early implants
  • Surgically STL-guided placement of Implants, advanced indications
    • Immediate implants
    • Other opportunities and indications for STL-guided implants, simultaneous with sinus lifts
    • GBR procedures and STL-guided implants. GBR before, and simultaneous implant placement
    • Surgically STL-guided implant placement and treatment protocols, from denture supported locators to All-on-Four implant cases