“I had been looking at several implant placement classes for a while until I found Dr. Trejo’s course. I am so happy I decided to sign up and go for it! Dr. Trejo is a wonderful teacher and he covered everything from the basics to advanced implant restorations and I feel like I got so much out of this class. Dr. Trejo is very approachable and helpful, which can be difficult to find in CE course directors. I would, without hesitation, recommend this implant course for anyone of my colleagues looking to gain more implant knowledge. Thanks for everything, Dr. Trejo!”
Lori Rollo, DDS


“I have been searching several years for a good, local implant course that offered a good balance of didactic AND clinical training. I am so glad I found out about Dr. Trejo’s class! Going through his course, I feel confident to start placing implants in my own office. Guided surgery is definitely the way our profession is headed. I am thankful to be on the cutting edge of this technology & to be able to provide this for my patients!”
Laura Austin, DDS


“Dr. Trejo is a very caring person who you will be glad to know. He has a lot of charisma that makes learning from him very easy. You can tell he wants you to succeed. I am signing up for a second course from him.”
Carl Ester, DDS


“Dr. Trejo’s class was very informative and provided a great introduction to guided implant surgery. There was a great mix of lecture content and hands on exercises! My favorite part was learning how to plan implants virtually and I feel much more confident in starting cases where guided surgery is indicated! 100% recommend for those looking to get started on implants!”
Vincent Nguyen, DDS


“I enjoyed your class very much. The handouts, hands-on & presentations were fantastic. Appreciate the opportunities to ask questions Recommend website specific to this course with easy registration & info to promote your fantastic cause.”
Dr. John Sui


“I truly enjoyed Dr. Trejo’s course. He started from the basics and took it to a more advanced level, all the while keeping it engaging and fun. I have gained the skills and confidence to do at least a case a week! What a great teacher and mentor! Thank you so much, truly!”
Dr. Miriam Elkadiri